Prayer Breakfast for All

Tuesday morning - 6:30am.

Are you an early bird? This is prayer breakfast time. For more info contact us.



House Groups

Tuesday evening - 6:00pm

A house group in various homes.

A Q & A session on any question but always from a Biblical perspective.



Married Couples

House Group

Wednesday - 7.00pm

For those who are married or maybe contemplating marriage. Always from a Biblical perspective.  Good for those who would like to improve their relationships.

Friday Clubs

Held term time for the children and youth of the estate.


Primary/Junior school age:


     5.15 to 6.30pm

          @ Bermuda Close, Popley 3

     6.30 to 7.45pm

          @ Melrose Hall, Popley 4


Secondary School age and above:


     8.00 to 9.00pm

          @ Melrose Hall, Popley 4



Youth Groups

Most Saturdays - 3:00-5:00pm

Q & A sessions from a Biblical perspective for the youth.


Sunday Morning Service


Our main service is on a Sunday morning at 10.30.


We love praising God with lively music and singing leading to more quiet worship, always looking to experience the powerful presence of God sometimes with just total quietness. This is nearly always followed by remembering the price Jesus paid for us in the “breaking of bread and drinking of wine – grape juice!” also known as communion. There follows teaching/preaching and sometimes Q & A sessions. We just never know what God is going to do next – it's great!



Mens Prayer Breakfast

Every 2nd Saturday 7:30am



Mens Group

Held 4th Sunday of every month with talks and discussions. Over 18's only.



Ladies Lunch

Held 2nd Sunday of every month with talks and discussions. Over 18's only.



Sunday Evenings

From 6pm - Another chance to spend time with our church family and others who might wish to join us.


In the summer, this is youth led and could be music and singing to God, or it might be an outreach BBQ if the weather is good.  In the winter we often hold film nights by invitation.



And the rest of the week...

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