That the Bible is God's Word to everyone.


That it is inspired by The Holy Spirit, without error and infallible although written over a period of approximately 1600 years by some 40 different men of God.


That from the beginning of creation c.6000 years ago God directed; The Son spoke and The Holy Spirit brought into existence the heavens and the earth in 6 literal 24 hour days (supported by measurable scientific data).


That Adam and Eve were the pinnacle of His creation but with free will chose to go their own way bringing on all of nature the curse of sin, disease and death.


That some 1500 years later, all of the human race became so corrupted and violent it was necessary for God to bring about a planet wide flood but providing a way out for Noah, his wife, their 3 sons and their wives with a blueprint for a boat large enough to take on board every “kind” of base pairs of air breathing animals and birds (e.g. One pair of wolf/dog kind from which every breed of dog has come). Evidence for the flood exists all over the world including the fossils of most if not all creatures alive at that time as well as the planet wide split of the earth from Israel to New Zealand. Earthquakes since then until now, are the legacy of that flood.


That, in due time, God chose Abraham to become the “Father of all nations”, firstly through Israel (His chosen people), out of whom came the supreme promise of Jesus Christ, The Son of God (the second person in the Trinity). He lived as a human being but without sin or disobedience and as the faultless One, took our punishment for our sins on the cross. He rose on the third day having defeated the unseen but very real and active enemy of our lives, Lucifer now called Satan. Jesus ascended into heaven but as promised sent His “representative”, The Holy Spirit at pentecost (a Jewish festival).


That The Holy Spirit can come to live in us after we accept Jesus as our “Saviour” (Do you believe that and if so, have you received The Holy Spirit since you believed? - Acts 19).


That, as He promised, Jesus will soon return to the same location in Israel from which he left to take up position there as the supreme and righteous ruler of all. What a day that will be! In the meantime between now and that event many things will happen (some have already happened), like the re-establishment of Israel as a nation (1948), Jerusalem coming back to the Jewish people (1967), and in the not too distant future, sadly a major conflict involving the middle east, some amazing signs in the skies (e.g. meteors like the one in Russia in 2013) and a series of red moons (the first has already occurred) and a “coup de grace”, at an unknown time, but soon, the disappearance of many millions of Christians known in the churches as “The Rapture”. Don’t miss the film, soon to be released in the UK entitled “Left Behind” starring Nocholas Cage. Which one will you be? Left on earth or taken to heaven? Don't miss another film, soon coming out “Heaven is for Real”. To be sure, become a follower of Jesus! (Another film to watch out for is “The Perfect Wave” starring Clint Eastwoods son, the story of a young man dying and visiting hell, then heaven and coming back to tell of it all!). Wow, you really do need Jesus!

Apart from the above we believe and teach all of the important things the Bible has to say (called “doctrines”). If you want to know more – just ask.

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